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Steve r.

Pizza Amore is under new management. Sam has sold the business, that man worked all day long. Hats off to you Sam where ever you might be. Place is remodeled and all the plates are gone. Even the lights outside finally work! The menu has all the same things but with new additions. Like fries with steak or chicken on them. I have ordered twice and I do like the new fries. I thought Sam's wings were the best I had and it reminded me of the old sticky fingers in providence. Over cooked a little so they were crispy on the outside. 2nd time I bought these and they were good, but miss the way they were crispy. I don't expect the food to be identical. If I owned the place I puke like to have my own style on things. Best of luck to the new owners, I'll be back.

Jose V.

The place is total chaos, theyre all rude and when we called to place our order they repeated it back to us and then made whatever they wanted to make, will never come back to this place, and the pizza is also dried

Jackie O.

Pizza Amore seems to be the only decent pizza place that delivers to my home. I'm actually quite surprised at how tasty the pizza is because it does not look like pizza that I typically like. It certainly does the trick when I do not feel like picking up food. The calzones, however, are fantastic. The "small" calzone is anything but small and filled with whatever deliciousness you choose. I have yet to try anything besides pizza and calzones but their sandwich menu is extensive and everything is priced well.

Melissa M.

This is one of the best pizza places around the state. they offer dine in, take out, and delivery services.The prices are fair, the meal portions are plentiful, and the staff are incredibly friendly and professional. Oh and the decor in the restaurant is awesome. each wall is covered in license plates from all over the country.

Mary K.

Really wanted pizza and wings - I drive past this place everyday so figured why not give it a shot. And my bf said he had their pizza a few years ago and enjoyed it. I ordered a large pizza 1/2 pepperoni and 1/2 chourico and an order of buffalo wings. They asked if I wanted mild or hot, of course I replied HOT! I was picking up so they said 15 mins.I got there and had to wait a few mins while they finished my order. Inside is quite spacious, unfortunately - there were no dine in eaters. Picked up my order, packed into the car and tried hard not to start eating right there - the aroma was killing me! The wings were good and a dozen for less than is a steal! Came with celery and bleu cheese - oh my, they were SPICY but oh so good. The pizza was good - not the best, not the worst. Although I prefer a thinner crust, this crust was nice and flaky. I would've liked just a little more chourico on the pizza. I wasn't sure if it was going to be ground or sausage - it was thin slices of sausage.It looked like a family owned joint - there was even a cute little old lady working behind the counter. The staff was extremely friendly and welcoming. Def worth coming back to and it's great that it's right down the street.

Naveen R.

Our life saver during busy days!!! Always enjoy the food here. Have ordered numerous times but never had any bad experience with taste, quality or service .On time home deliveries too. A not so expensive restaurant to order food.

Victoria G.

Pizza and chicken tenders are pretty good here. The dough of the pizza could be a little better tasting, but I did appreciate the crispness of the crust. The cheese and sauce is really good, just improve the crust and you can have a really good pizza.

Balu M.

Best place in the town for dine in & deliveryFriendly service, tasty food.The owner I don't know his name always greats with a friendly smile.Great pizzas, calzones, grinders, pasta and omelets

Shannon L.

Recently moved to the area and tried a few places before here but found myself coming back!! They have a HUGE menu with plenty of options and are always SUPER nice and friendly. The calzones are better than the pizza but the pizza is still better than other places around!!! They have GREAT WING DEALS too for large orders. My new favorite pizza place. I'll be sure to be there enough they know my name.

Debra C.

In town for a week on business and stopped in for lunch and had a pepperoni pizza with a co-worker. Pizza was very good my co-worker had a the breadsticks pizza and it was very good too. I highly recommend if in the Riverside area of Providence. It's very small inside though with only about 4 booths and a couple high tops to eat in....mostly counter service with a soda cooler.

Ashley P.

Having recently moved to the area, I've been in search of a dependable, delicious, and convenient pizza parlor to grab a quick bite to eat when I don't feel like cooking. Unfortunately, Pizza Amore is not this place for me.Pizza Amore is quite convenient. . . its just down the road, they deliver, and the prices are reasonable enough. While the parking lot is small, most people are simply stopping in and the lot clears out quickly. The interior is pretty much what you'd expect from most pizza parlors. . . dated booths, excessive indoor plant decorations, cheesy (get it?) pizza clocks, and a lighted overhead menu. I ordered the "Special #3" a.k.a. 2 large one-topping pizzas. For .99 + tax I had one bacon and one broccoli pie coming my way. I was quoted a 15 minute time frame (as I had called ahead). Arriving for pickup approximately 25 minutes later, my pizzas were not yet ready. On top of that, I waited another 10 minutes at the restaurant itself. If its gonna be a half hour plus, tell me that, and I'll show up for then. The pizza itself was mediocre at best. The dough/crust was similar to cardboard. I don't like my slices falling apart, but I enjoy it even less when its comparable to the box it came in. The cheese blend and toppings were enjoyable though. Given that this is a pizza place and I was not thrilled with the item itself, I'm not sure that I would return to try any of their other offerings.

Brena M.

My family orders from here every week and they always exceed our expectations. We love the quick reliable delivery on weeknights when we are just too tired to make dinner. The staff is very friendly and they've never messed up an order!

Lisa D.

Good decent pizza at a good price. I live around the corner and have been going here for years.

Christina V.

Pizza Amore is your reliable quirky neighborhood pizza joint. It's family owned and has been there for years. Yes, the menu seems gi-normous, but we all know what toppings can come on a pizza right? So who needs a menu!?They also have a good selection of grinders and sides. Try the grilled chicken sub with cheese on a cold bun. I wouldn't go as far as to say it's 'the best', but it's definitely a great local pizza place that I find myself stopping at after a long day at work!

Amuse B.

Pizza Amore has all the makings of a great little pizza joint. They have plenty of tables and booths, a little bit of a theme with their collection of license plates, two bathrooms, a big screen tv and a gigantic menu that even has bologna on it.Unfortunately it's a bit of a dead zone which makes me believe that they must thrive on delivery.This isn't just a pizza place, cause they've got a few unique items on the menu: potato wedges / Jo-jo's, omelets, spinach & broccoli pies, fish filet grinders, miss piggy calzone and a big menu of Chester Fried Chicken dinners.I've only had tuna subs, meatball subs and mozzarella sticks from here, and they've all been pretty average. They could definitely use fresher produce, but at least the bread is always soft and squishy.

Bob B.

We just enjoyed the wonderful..... "Fish and Chips" ...... again at Pizza Amore.....every week ..they are consistantly as good as the week before. We love good fish and chips,,,,,,we have tried the big anchor sea food place near my cousin's club....... Bovi's Tavern........and never liked them.....try once every two years to see if they improved..... no... No More !!!. We have told the owners OF "PIZZA AMORE" that all they need is a small ad in the East Providence Post every week .just about the... "Fish and Chips"........and that will bring in enough new people to spread the word around. the other food is good as well; Grinders, GREAT PIZZA AND ,CALZONES, FULL DINNERS AND MUCH MORE..........GIVE THEM A TRY...YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID!!! They use only the finest.. Cod FIsh... right off the boat "Not Frozen".......the only place that can compare is in Hyannis..on.. Cape Cod..........Cooke's Seafood...on the main road going towarg the City on the LEFT....across from the Sheraton Hotel That's ALL FOLKS Bob and Karen Bovi

Joe B.

One word, decent. The calzones are greasy and don't match up in size to the ones sold at the nearby Boston House of Pizza. The buffalo wings are nothing special, but you do get a lot of food for the money.The pizza is nothing special. If you want a cheaper alternative to Boston House of Pizza and something better than Piezoni's then try Pizza Amore.

Elizabeth S.

Great Barbecue Chicken Pizza. And u can get one large Pizza and get a small cheese pizza free.

Elizabeth S.

Great barbecue chicken pizza. What's great is when u get a large pizza u can get a small cheese for free. Great place

Michael V.

I got the buffalo chicken calzone. It was EXTREMELY GREASY. It was about average size. Not really big. It reminded me of a large grreasy hot pocket. Service was friendly and the restaurant itself had the makings of your typical neighnerhood pizza joint.

Open everyday from 11am to 10:00pm
About Pizza Amore and ReviewsAbout Pizza Amore and Reviews